About Stephen

  I was born in 1974 outside of Kansas City. I resided on a family farm, and was raised around agriculture either working outside or inside a shop more than anywhere else. Being in the shop and hanging around my Dad introduced me to tools at an early age. I also ran equipment like tractors and cranes. Being introduced to art by my uncle and my Dad having a sign shop in downtown Kansas City, gave me lots of creative possibilities. 
  All through school I felt more comfortable towards shop settings or where I could use my hands.  I have the unique ability of being dyslexic so school was not my thing. I drew a lot or worked at building an array of things all through school. I loved going with Dad to the sign shop as much as a kid can. 
  Out of high school, I moved with my family to mid-Missouri to a poultry farm and also became part owner of the farm.  I got into construction dirt work projects, started doing lots of restoration work on antiques, and was introduced to stone carving, a life changing time for me.
    After selling the farm. it was a struggle to integrate back into normal life. Over the years I did many things, being creative has been my main focus, helping others. Showing others something to see with the creative mind is such a passionate drive of mine. I worked for a restoration company, in one of the original Anheuser-Busch homes in Forest Park St. Louis, and a production company doing work for PBS. I started doing custom creative projects of my own and that's been my drive ever since. 

  After making a big move to Eureka Springs, I have come to find some mentors that have helped me to take my skills to the next level. Since coming to Eureka Springs, I have been invited to do different things and have gotten involved. I've seen that there are many more mediums and things that can be done. For example, I created a lot of different food carvings and produced a stop motion video for entertainment. For years I have not only sharpened my own skills but have worked diligently with clients, building large sculptures and projects. I enjoy creating many pieces for different businesses and different people. And look forward to continuing that for years.